Proactively Identify and Block Attacks

Secdo can be optimized to learn from incidents within the enterprise and
across the greater threat landscape to proactively identify and stop attacks
before they can even start.


  • Proactively identifies and shuts down threats before they can do
    any damage
  • Prevents future incidents to keep the enterprise compliant
  • Improves overall security efficacy, facilitating platform tuning to
    optimize detection and response
  • Saves time and resources, preventing the need to investigate or recover
    from a recurring attack
  • Reduces the burden on staff, making it easier and faster to
    strengthen defences


Secdo greatly simplifies and accelerates post-incident threat identification. It can be configured to learn from previous incidents in the enterprise, as well as from trend and attack information, to preemptively.


Secdo offers an adaptive workflow that allows analysts, at any expertise level, to configure and tune rules, including PowerShell, indicators of compromise (IOCs) and behavior-based IOCs (BIOC) rules, to optimize the ongoing detection and prevention of recurring attacks in the enterprise. Block similar malicious activity, behavioral patterns or known-bad processes before they can do any damage.


Following an incident, Secdo empowers analysts to quickly add items to a blacklist, eliminating the need to spend any more time investigating or responding to incidents that have already occurred.


Secdo makes it easy to query and search for known malicious software and processes, using any of Secdo’s interface wizards, to proactively stop ransomware attacks from holding the enterprise captive.