Marubeni IT Solutions Selects Secdo’s Incident Response Solution

Marubeni IT Solutions Selects Secdo’s Incident Response Solution

NEW YORK – July 11, 2017 – Secdo, provider of automated incident response solutions announced today that Marubeni IT Solutions, the Japanese leader in the planning and design of information and communication systems and software development, has selected Secdo for deployment across its endpoints.

SECDO is the only preemptive incident response solution, providing security teams with a single platform to slash incident response time to minutes, investigate alerts automatically, remediate attacks surgically without impacting business continuity and improve their defenses against future attacks.

After a lengthy competitive evaluation process, Marubeni IT Solutions determined that Secdo delivers the most value for endpoint visibility, automatic alert investigation and surgical response to cyber security incidents.

“Cyber attacks are an ongoing and ever-changing threat,” stated Mr. Okayasu, Marubeni IT Solution’s Incident Response Team Leader. “Mere prevention and detection are not enough of a solution anymore. In the borderless enterprise, we need to know what is happening on our endpoints at all times to be able to respond quickly and effectively when a real incident occurs. Secdo has the best understanding and ability to serve our needs.”

Secdo continuously collects all endpoint data at the thread level and stores it on a centralized server where it automatically establishes the complete context of all endpoint events, activities and behaviors before incidents occur. This approach provides an acute level of visibility into endpoints particularly useful in effective threat hunting using both IOCs and Behavioral IOCs.

Secdo slashes the time required for alert investigation and validation. It integrates with Marubeni IT Solutions’ SIEM via bi-directional communication, automatically ingesting alerts from the SIEM for investigation while updating the SIEM regarding alert disposition.

“The latest cyber attacks are flying under the radar, creating malicious threads under legitimate processes,” declared Shai Morag, Secdo’s CEO. “Most detection systems are unable to see events at the thread level, so these threats can lurk on endpoints unnoticed for long periods of time, stealing credentials and opening backdoors.”

Secdo’s unmatched visibility spots thread-level threats. The solution’s unique role in uncovering the exploits that propelled the recent WannaCry ransomware attack was recently extolled in the New York Times.

“We are honored to have been selected by Marubeni IT Solutions in such a demanding competition,” declared Morag. “Enterprises all over the world are encountering new types of cyber threats and our solution delivers unmatched visibility, threat hunting, rapid and accurate alert investigation and response capabilities that are necessary for today’s cyber security regime.”