Secdo, TDI and LightBulb to Shine Light on Advanced Cyber Security for Insurance and Financial Companies

Secdo, TDI and LightBulb to Shine Light on Advanced Cyber Security for Insurance and Financial Companies

London, UK, June 30, 2017 – Secdo, provider of automated solutions that redefine incident response for security teams across the globe is presenting a Cyber Security Day for Information Security Executives. Along with Tetrad Digital Integrity (TDI), the world-class consulting firm offering cyber security services to government agencies and commercial clients, and LightBulb Insur-tech, a UK based company focused on putting technology in action for the insurance sector, the presenters will offer notable insights into the latest cyber attacks and how to prepare for them.

How to Ensure that Your Organisation is Breach-Ready: A Pro-Active Approach will take place on July 4 at 9:00 AM at the City of London Club at 19 Old Broad Street in London. Zion Zatlavi, Vice President of Secdo and Chaim Coutts, Lightbulb Founder and CEO, will co-chair the event and will offer crucial insights and experiences from the latest global cyber incidents and responses to them.

Zatlavi said, “A new, insidious type of thread-level attack is now rampant and is still not visible to security teams despite the deployment of numerous detection systems, including next-generation AVs. We can expect more of these attacks in the very near future and companies are simply not ready.”

“The theatre of cyber war is changing rapidly,” stated Coutts. “Attack vectors are getting far more sophisticated and companies need to re-think their approaches to ensure that they are breach-ready. This is especially true in the financial and insurance sectors.”

Secdo’s unique role in uncovering the exploits that propelled the recent WannaCry ransomware attack was recently covered in the New York Times.

Coutts, along with the Secdo team, veterans of the elite Cyber Division of the Israeli Intelligence Corps., will share illuminating lessons learned from last month’s WannaCry and fresh Petya ransomware attacks that utilised the innovative Eternal Blue exploit, leaked from the N.S.A. They will demonstrate a new methodology that enables organisations to prepare for the next cycle of inevitable cyber incidents. Secdo’s methodology calls for continuous collection of endpoint data at the thread level, to provide full visibility on endpoints and the automatic establishment of context before incidents inevitably occur. The presenters will also explain how Secdo enables organisations to comply with GDPR breach-notification regulations by accelerating the process of investigation, immediate establishment of the root cause of every incident, and prompt and complete damage assessment in case of breach.

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