Rapid & Surgical Response without
Business Interruption

Secdo’s provides it and security teams a powerful set of real time response
and remediation tools that allow rapid, remote containment and remediation
of actual threats on any host without impacting user productivity.


  • Response and Remediate in Minutes
  • Remediation Is Remote Saving Time & Cutting Expense
  • Fewer Analysts Involved in the Remediation Process
  • Endpoint Connectivity and User Productivity are Maintained During Remediation Without Compromising Security
  • All Remediation From One Pane of Glass

Response Center

Via the Response Center, the power of Secdo’s precise response tools is placed at the service of security analysts and IT personnel. From here, they can isolate or reach into any endpoint to run scripts, quarantine, freeze or eradicate processes and threats safely and quickly without interrupting users.


Secdo’s unique technology that freezes processes in memory. Users can continue to work safely while the malicious process is frozen in memory. Security analysts don’t have to kill and delete threats, the method used by most enterprises today.

Live Remote Terminal

Allows analysts and IT personnel to run commands and code interactively on any host. They can create their own executables, commands and code for inclusion in the automated investigation process for accurate processing of future alerts and threats.


Quarantines infected hosts from the network while allowing secure, remote access and prompt remediation.

Live Forensics

Enables analysts to collect memory dumps and perform memory forensics remotely saving time and network resource consumption for sending memory dumps (4-32GB) across the network.


Allows IT teams to build complex response scripts or scenarios without the need to install Python on the endpoint.

Remote Screen Capture

Lets analysts take screen shots of any endpoint to obtain additional evidence for use in the remediation process.

Automatable Response

Empowers security and IT teams to continually improve the SECDO system by letting them build new automatable rules and security policies for inclusion in the Observer and Analyzer.