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Secdo combines thread-level visibility with AI to automatically investigate and resolve every
security alert, cutting the time required to detect and respond to seconds

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Automated Investigation

Dramatically increase analyst & IR productivity with pre-emptive investigation of every security alert or event

Adaptive Defence

Reduce repetitive work and enterprise risk with AI that continuously optimizes defenses for future protection

Unmatched Visibility

Quickly detect advanced internal & external threats with over 100+ days of thread-level endpoint activity


*Mandiant M-Trends Report, 2017

Cut all stages of security operations down to seconds

User Assisted AI
  • Collect 00:00:00
  • Triage 00:03:00
  • Investigate 00:03:00
  • Respond 00:02:00
  • Adapt 00:01:00
  • Hunt 00:01:00

Unmatched Visibility

Secdo continuously records all endpoint activity at the thread level – the singular most granular view possible into an endpoint ensuring malicious activity is never confused with normal activity.

Only Secdo can:

  • Go beyond malware with user, application, file and system activity
  • Never hit a hard limit with 100+ days of recorded activity
  • Ensure results in seconds whether stored on-prem or in the cloud
  • Access any endpoint anywhere its connected
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Simplified Triage

Secdo integrates with any security alerting technology, like a SIEM or Firewall, and automatically correlates recorded endpoint activity to determine the root cause in seconds.

Only Secdo can:

  • Re-prioritize security alerts based on malicious endpoint activity
  • Reveal the complete picture of a threat so validation can occur in seconds
  • Convert security analysts (T1) to super analysts without additional training
  • Reduce triage time for every security event to seconds
  • Increase alerts handled and ROI of security resources 10x
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Automatic Investigation

Secdo automatically provides a complete picture of an attack, determining the root cause, attack behaviors, scope and reputation of any threat with forensic detail.

Only Secdo can:

  • Determine the root cause, scope and reputation for you
  • Reveal attack behaviors on an actionable forensic timeline in seconds
  • Reduce the incident response (T2) process to minutes without additional training or staff
  • Provide actionable forensic data at each stage of the kill-chain
  • Increase incident investigations handled by 36x
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Scalable Response

Secdo combines containment, live forensics and signature-based enforcement capabilities to immediately isolate and surgically remediate any threat at scale without the need to wipe and re-image.

Only Secdo:

  • Stops lateral spread with zero risk to business impact, even if a mistake was made
  • Incorporates an open platform that can be customized for any team
  • Can scale with ease and apply any response action across all endpoints at once
  • Understand risk and exposure with fast assessments of data exfiltration
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Adaptive Defense

Secdo can be fine-tuned into a proactive security workflow that learns from previous incidents, attack behaviors or local network configurations to actively detect and protect against similar threats in the future.

Only Secdo:

  • Continually reduces attack surface by applying past attack behavior to protect against future threats
  • Increases speed of incident triage and analysis by learning from past incidents
  • Automatically contain future alerts from any security technology without signatures or other tools
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Limitless Hunting

Secdo allows threat hunting for any attack type, whether its manual queries or IOC based searches across the 100+ days of stored data, results will return in seconds.

Only Secdo:

  • Allows hunting for any threat type such as external, malicious insiders, security policy audits, and gap analysis
  • Utilizes behavioral indicators of compromise (BIOCs) to identify the methodology of an attack rather than signatures or artifacts
  • Ensures results are not delayed even with over 100,000 nodes and 100+ days of retention
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Michael Livni
CISO, Valley National Bank

With Secdo, we were able to bring the volume of suspicious alerts from 1,500 to 60 a day with only two actual incidents, entirely manageable by our staff.

Michael Livni
CISO, Valley National Bank

Golan Ben-Oni
CIO, IDT Corporation

Had we not had Secdo running, we would not have come close to the visibility [needed] to reconstruct the attack. We wouldn’t have [even] known about it.

Golan Ben-Oni
CIO, IDT Corporation

Secdo integrates with every SIEM or 3rd party security alerting technology
to automatically investigate and respond to any event

Still have questions?

“Force Multiply” has been mentioned a few times, what does it really mean?

Many vendors throw around exaggerated statements without the ability to deliver, we’re not one of them. Secdo’s patented Causaility Analysis Engine™ continuously correlates thread-level endpoint activity with security events identified by our in-built behavioral-based detection or by other security alerting technologies. These security events are automatically investigated by Secdo to determine the root cause of the potential threat and re-prioritized based severity. The result of this process provides the information that security teams spend hours and commonly days looking for in order to assess a threat and take action—the difference is Secdo provides that information in seconds. Security analysts can simply review results, implement next steps within Secdo according to standard practice and when complete, apply lessons learnt to continually reduce the surface area of risk.

How does Secdo go beyond traditional EDR solutions?

Secdo offers an innovative approach to technology. We are focused on assisting the security operations team in solving their day-to-day struggles—like the multitude of security alerts that require analysis, staffing constraints, and the limited visibility that forces post-incident investigation and prevents customized threat hunting. What makes Secdo so effective?

  • Collection and retention of all endpoint activity for over 100 days, not limited to just threat data

  • Built on an open platform that can be customized to your network and scale for use with over 100,000 endpoints

  • Combination of automation and artificial intelligence to automatically investigate every threat, drastically reducing the time and knowledge required in discovery and response to advanced threats

  • Extensive response actions that focus on attack behaviors rather than artifacts, promoting continuous improvement of security operations and reduction in enterprise risk

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