Automatic Alert Investigation

Secdo’s unique, patented causality analysis enginetm automatically
correlates any alert from any source with host forensic data to reveal the full
context of the alert instantly, allowing security teams to shorten incident
response time and boost their productivity.


  • Slash Alert Processing Time to Seconds
  • Reduce False Positives
  • Automatically Investigate Alerts Accurately & Efficiently
  • Increase Productivity of SOC & IR Teams
  • Multiply the Number of Alerts Handled Daily
  • Close Gaps in Defenses & Prevent Future Attacks

Causality Analysis of forensic data

Secdo’s unique, patented Causality Analysis Engine continuously analyzes the historical endpoint and server forensic data to create causality chains – the chain of events associated with any sub-process, host, user, connection or file.

Automatic Analysis of alerts from any source

Through integration with leading SIEM and detection systems, Secdo is the ONLY solution that automatically ingests any alert from any source and correlates it with existing historical host data.

The full context behind every alert

The Causality Analysis Engine’s automatic investigation reveals the complete context of the alert, making the “who, what, where, when, and how” of any incident immediately clear.

Visualizing the complete attack chain

Secdo puts all the information right at the analyst’s fingertips with intuitive investigation tools that make it easier than ever before to view the big picture and to drill down in seconds.

Revealing holes in network security

Armed with a conclusive understanding of the attack, including the timeline of the breach and root cause, security teams gain a complete understanding of the gaps in their defenses and how to close them to prevent future attacks.