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Service more customers at lower cost by greatly compressing the incident response process from initial assessment to attack attribution

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Get to the Bottom of Every Incident

  • Deploy Secdo’s cloud-delivered EDR platform to gain thread-level visibility of every endpoint, and obtain an automated, accurate threat assessment—all in just minutes.
  • Automatically hunt for threats using easily configured search wizards to identify bad behaviors (BIOCs or TTPs), IOCs, signatures, vulnerabilities, file-less and in-memory attacks, as well as other malicious activities.
  • Seamlessly integrate your own detection tools with Secdo to reveal the root cause and complete picture of any threat in seconds—without requiring a high level of expertise.

Apply Surgical Response & Remediation

  • Choose from over fifty advanced remediation actions to surgically remove threats, including remote isolation of an endpoint, IceBlockTM a thread, and kill a process.
  • Scale your response to any endpoint with live forensics, remote evidence collection, and native Python support to quickly build your own actions—in addition to Secdo’s growing arsenal.
  • Defend the network from lateral movement, proliferation, ransomware and other advanced attacks with customizable endpoint prevention that is unique to your instance.

Scale Your IR Business with No Additional Cost

  • Solve your clients’ post-breach challenges without worrying over initial costs or extraneous logistics—Secdo is FREE for IR consultants and easy to deploy.
  • Maintain your own re-usable, cloud-based library of Behavioral Indicators (BIOCs), TTPs, IOCs, exploits, signatures, Python scripts, response actions, and other intel to augment the library provided by Secdo.
  • Resolve every incident faster by automating new detection and response actions, decreasing your bench costs, while allowing you to meet growing demand and differentiate your service.
"Excellent incident response capabilities. I’ve never seen anything like it – the ability to investigate and remediate threats in literally minutes.”
Industry Analyst and Tech Writer in ITS, G2Crowd

Detect active endpoint threats with Secdo’s own BIOCs or integrate with third party tools to automatically investigate and respond to any potential event

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How Security and incident response teams can multiply their effectiveness

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Secdo reduces MSSPs operational costs while increasing their profitability