Secdo combines unmatched, historical, thread level endpoint visibility with its unique Causality Analysis Engine™ to automatically investigate any alert.

Then, based on analysis of exactly how endpoints were compromised, Secdo provides a set of real-time, granular response tools that enable rapid and surgical response and remediation on any endpoint with no impact on users.


Focus on Alerts That Matter

Analyzer uses the Causality Analysis Engine™ to automatically analyze all host data, building causality chains. All alerts from any detection source or SIEM are then correlated with the causality chains to reveal the full context of any alert, allowing analysts to shorten incident response time by 99% and multiply their productivity.

All-in-One Incident Response Platform for Security and IR operations

Security and IR teams are forced to triage thousands of alerts triggered daily. Most alerts remain unattended and real breaches are often overlooked. For the alerts that are handled, analysts use multiple data sources and tools to collect forensic evidence and analyze it in a laborious process that can take days. Finally, when a real threat is identified, response requires multiple tools and access to devices, which takes time and resources.

With Secdo, all incident response is performed from one pane of glass. The end-to-end IR process takes minutes, alert investigations are automatic and remediation is surgical and remote.

Incident Response Done Right

  • Slash Incident Response time to minutes
  • Gain complete visibility into all hosts
  • Minimize the damage and disruption of a breach
  • Increase the productivity of SOC and IR teams
  • Multiply the number of alerts processes daily
  • Assess breach damage immediately and accurately
  • Take the guesswork out of security by managing risk based on real incidents, not risk assessments
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