Ransomware Detection and Prevention

From Detection to Remediation in Minutes

Ransomware By The Numbers, Did You Know?

Ransomware is one of the most effective and prolific types of malware in an attacker’s arsenal today representing 60% of malware payloads, and growing 350% annually. Latest reports indicate that 71% of companies targeted by ransomware actors have been infected, amounting to a successful attack every 40 seconds and damageexceeding $5 billion in 2017 –that’s fifteen times the damage caused by ransomware just two years ago, in 2015.

While ransomware campaigns in 2016 were generally non-targeted (see ProofPoint’s Quarterly Threat Report Q1 2017), we are starting to see attackers hone in on where they can get the biggest payouts, namely healthcare and financial institutions that have a lot of sensitive, regulated information. Latest iterations of ransomware like NotPetya have been also been used selectively to mask the true purpose of an attack, leading to organizations attempting to gear up to protect themselves -  hospital cybersecurity is expected to grow 13.6% in the next five to six years – but what can be done?

Defeating Ransomware

Secdo gives you back control over your environment by incorporating a purpose built anti-ransomware engine that quickly detects and shuts down a ransomware attack, to minimizing any risk of mass ransomware damage. The Secdo Automated Endpoint Security and Incident Response platform immediately pinpoints potential ransomware, freezes the activity in memory, and reveals a complete timeline all its activities so security teams can confirm, respond and contain the attack, without interruption to normal business.

Endpoint Visibility

Provides a full forensic recollection of activity, down to the thread level, allowing a complete picture of ransomware activity in your environment from initial compromise.

Ransomware Protection

Automatically detect and block any ransomware activity while creating an attack timeline that identifies the root cause and all impacted endpoints so you can act quickly.

Ransomware Remediation

With the attack neutralized surgical removal of threat artifacts across one or multiple endpoints is achieved swiftly, with zero impact on user productivity or business continuity and ensuring no additional lateral spread.

Future Prevention

Taking what’s been learned about the method of entry used by the ransomware and increasing defenses to proactively identify and block any similar attack before it can even get started.

Ransomware Protection through Endpoint Visibility

Ransomware Protection through Endpoint Visibility

The Secdo anti-ransomware engine is made possible by the proprietary thread-level recording that forensically captures all endpoint activity, allowing any actions that indicate ransomware to be quickly and accurately detected. Once detected, Secdo confirms the malicious intent and IceBlocks, or freezes, the ransomware in place, preventing any further progression or lateral movement without harming the business user or productivity of the computer. With the threat contained, you and your security team can review the pre-built attack timeline identifying the who, what, when, where and why, allowing quick validation of the threat in seconds.

Ransomware Forensics and Remediation

Ransomware Forensics and Remediation

Secdo provides you with direct access to all the historical, thread level, endpoint data collected during an attack to support forensic analysis, ancillary investigations across the network if needed, and remediation. The endless incident response and surgical remediation capabilities that can be applied remotely to one or multiple endpoints at the same time, ensure no impact to business productivity without compromising security.

Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware Prevention

Secdo makes it easy to not only detect and prevent ransomware, but also prevent future attacks that attempt to make their way into your organization using the same methods.. By reviewing the attack timeline provided by Secdo, a Behavioural Indicator Of Compromise (BIOC) of the attack method can be created and enforced, ensuring subsequent attacks can be detected and stopped before any damage can be done.

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