Security teams are overwhelmed with thousands of alerts daily, forced to triage and as a result, real alerts are overlooked. Investigating an alert is a laborious task that can take months. Even when a real breach is detected, response is tedious, imprecise and can take weeks.

Traditional vs Preemptive IR

Secdo replaces the traditional, after the fact incident response process of manual endpoint data acquisition with preemptive, continuous collection of all activity from all endpoints and servers, recording and storing all the data on a centralized server for years.

How it works

Secdo empowers security and IR teams to slash incident response time to minutes, gain complete endpoint visibility and improve cyber defenses to prevent future attacks.

  • Who: Malicious Entities
  • What: Damage Assessment
  • How: Root Cause
  • Where: Compromised Hosts
  • When: Attack Chain
How it works