Unmatched Endpoint Detection and Response

Beyond passive response and into an Active Defense strategy

The realization that antivirus and next-gen antivirus solutions cannot “catch ’em all” is all too real - something at some point is bound to slip past your defenses, yet purely playing catch-up cannot be the answer!
The time has come to shift gears from the passive mindset and into an Active Defense Strategy, or a state of “Continuous Incident Response”.

Complete Endpoint Visibility

Gartner estimates that the “average lag time before a breach is detected is 205 days,” requiring security teams to wind back the clock during security event validation in order to determine if and when an incident occurred. Proper endpoint detection and response vendors must scale to record and retain all relevant information over the potential life of a security event in order to ease the burden on security analysts.

Once an incident is identified, security response teams must be able to use the recorded data to determine root cause and successfully remediate the full extent of any attack without the need to include cumbersome manual collection of additional data.

Until recently, tracing back malicious activity that has been going on undetected for extended periods of time has been impossible for security and response teams.

Secdo endpoint agent uniquely continuously records all events across all endpoints at the thread-level - ensuring accurate attribution of ALL malicious activity. Recorded endpoint data is stored on a secure server, giving IT teams a centralized view of all endpoint activity over time. You know exactly what happened, without gaps, no matter how long ago the actual breach occurred.

Continuous Thread Level Visibility Allows You To:

  • Gain In depth visibility of all host activities, behaviors and events
  • Uncover the exact root cause of every incident within seconds
  • Ensure correct attribution of the malicious activity down to the thread
  • Understand the full scope of an incident and all endpoints involved
  • Fully assess the damage of the threat
  • Provide definitive answers to management
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Automated Endpoint Security And Incident Response

In order to improve operations and move to an Active Defense Strategy, security teams must reduce the lag (or dwell) time before a breach is detected from 205 days.

Unlike other endpoint detection and response solutions, Secdo’s automatically ingests any security alert from any source, such as IPS, Firewall, AV and SIEM technology. .. Secdo’s patented Threat Causality Analysis Engine correlates the security alert with the recorded endpoint data revealing the complete context of the alert, without leaving gaps in the timeline.

Analysts no longer need to shoot in the dark and make assumptions about what the attacker did. By analyzing the causality chains, Secdo elevates security analysts to identify root cause and ubget a detailed overview of the timeline of an attack in seconds.

Security teams infinitely increase their ability to analyze security alerts, reducing lag time before a breach is detected and reduce the risk of missing an important alert to almost zero.

Secdo Causality Engine Allows You To:

  • Significantly reduce security alert processing time and improve analyst productivity 10 fold
  • Automatically Investigate Alerts to identify root cause in seconds
  • Reduce false positives through correlation of events
  • Unite SOC teams under one dashboard and increase productivity of all security analysts, incident response and threat intelligence teams or individuals Provide insights into attack behaviours to prevent future attacks
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From Alert to Response in Minutes

Secdo provides a powerful response and remediation tools that provide rapid, remote containment and remediation capabilities on any endpoint. Quarantine, freeze and eradicate processes without interrupting user experience, or deploy surgical automated endpoint response based on predefined rules and response scripts.

Secdo incorporates the largest collection of response tools to ensure complete coverage in any event, including:

  • Rapid remote isolation and containment of an endpoint with Tasklist, screen capture, file manager and full remote console
  • Remote remediation including ability to IceBlock (Pause), kill and erase processes, as well as identifying and remediating persistence mechanisms
  • Blacklist support for large scale remediation, and future prevention
  • Maintain endpoint connectivity and user productivity throughout the remediation process
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Endpoint Behavioral Defense

With security operations streamlined from security alert triage through to response, an Adaptive Security Strategy can be implemented, allowing the Security team to not only continuously learn from previous incidents but also hunt for potentially existing and missed threats.

Reviewing the behavioural patterns of a threat, identifying the potential vulnerability that allowed the event to occur is important in preemptively defending the enterprise and reducing risk. Secdo can detect future behaviours as they occur and allow security teams to proactively identify and block future malicious activity that matches or resembles previously flagged behaviors, before any damage is done.

  • Create Behavioural Indicators of Compromise (BIOCs) to detect future events from occurring
  • Easily blacklist traditional indicators of compromise for future prevention
  • Learn from past incidents and adapt your capabilities
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