Unmatched, Zero-Gap Visibility
of All Host Activity Services

Secdo continuously records all events and behaviors on every host and
stores them on a secure server where they are retained for years, allowing
security and it teams fast access.


  • End to End Incident Response Time Is Reduced to Minutes
  • Minimize the Damage and Disruption of a Breach
  • Always Get Conclusive Answers to Your Questions
  • Get the Necessary Context, to Support Auditing and Regulatory Compliance
  • Hunt for Threats in Real Time

Thread-level collection of ALL host events

Observer deploys a tiny sensor on each host that continuously records every event, providing the sharpest endpoint visibility available today, including every action and behavior on every endpoint and server: File, Network, Registry, Process, User, USBs, Event Log, and more.


Discover any relation between users, files, hosts, processes, etc. If you can think of the search query, Observer can make it happen. Scripted, Formulaic and Natural Language search approaches are supported. The query can be precise and complex (“What are the changes made to a specific file by a specific process on a specific host at a specific time”) or wide-ranging (“Show me all the processes running in the domain”).

Forensic Timeline

Visualize the complete history of all events on all hosts across the enterprise

Host Insights

Use pre-built queries to see everything across the network, including installed applications, open shares, local admins, printed docs, drivers and services, autoruns, PowerShell, etc.

IOC Searches

Initiate searches based IOC files. Load IOC feeds into SECDO for real-time reporting of IOCs found.